• January 6, 2020
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Pertubuhan Hospice held our AGM on Sunday, 28 April 2019 in our Lecture Hall. 2019 was a non-election year and so our main purpose was to fulfil the requirements of the ROS (registrar of Societies).However, one of the joys of preparing an annual report is that it gives us the opportunity to look back and be thankful for all that has been accomplished. The past fiscal year was filled with wonderful opportunities and numerous challenges. Some of the highlights were:

· Our nurses and doctors had attended a substantial number of courses to keep their services up-to-date.
· More opportunities were provided for the IMU and UPM medical students to receive first-hand knowledge of Palliative Care at home.
· We also had more opportunities to participate in advocacy and awareness programs.
· There was a tremendous increase in the number of patients referred to us.
· The nurses’ home visits covered the whole of Negeri Sembilan, including the borders of Selangor like Sungai Pelek and Semenyih. It was an eye-opener to note that although the bigger number of patients seen were around Seremban District, those patients outside Seremban District accounted for almost 40% of our patients.
· It was interesting to see the distance covered by our nurses and volunteers (while on Home Care Visits) throughout the year.
· It was brought to our notice that among the various types of cancers, Pertubuhan Hospice Negeri Sembilan data showed that Breast cancer was the most, followed by lung, liver, prostrate and colon (which seemed to portray the national statistics too).
· Finances continued to be in a healthy and stable position and, for the most part, well supported by our generous donors.
· An idea to employ a full time Doctor was announced by the President.
· The President was happy and informed everyone that the society has adapted changes for the purpose of improvement. A proper system has been put in place. Key Performance Index (KPIs) and Standards of Operating Processes (SOPs) were being introduced to help check and balance. We can now consider ourselves a non-governmental corporate body.

To sum it all, we had a good and successful year. We look forward to a more promising year.